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Things to know about this moody foodie….

Well, hi there!

Congratulations on making the wise decision to visit my blog.  Let me give you some background so you trust that the recipes I share are easy, delicious and most of the time healthy. Honestly the level of health depends on my mood. Thus, The Moody Kitchen. Welcome!

Of course I try to eat healthy on a regular basis. As a thirty something year old I definitely can’t eat all of the things all of the time. But I am human, as are you. Sometimes I just want to eat the nachos!

My definition of healthy might be different than others, but I do try and use “clean” ingredients in most recipes. To me, clean ingredients usually consist of grain free, dairy free, organic, locally sourced and no additives. I will 100% set these rules aside for an occasional slice of pizza. When I say slice I mean slices…

I am a wife and mother with a full time, very adult like job. We relocated to Idaho almost two years ago and we are still exploring all that this beautiful state has to offer. I love fitness but also love chocolate and chips so you see the conflict there.

I enjoy taking a recipe of something not so healthy and turning it in to a less naughty version. This comes in handy during the holidays and winter aka baking season. I’m a sucker for baked goods but I can definitely be salty! I hope you enjoy the many moods of food I plan on sharing!

❤️ ME

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