Snack Attack

When I was in high school I had a coach that gave me the nick name “snackers”. I always had a snack in my hand. To be fair, I was doing a lot of sports those days and a kid gets hungry!

I’ve since ditched the nick name but I carry with me the essence of snackers to this day. I recently completed Whole30 in June which really helped structure my appetite toward health enriched foods, including snacks. It’s crazy how you think you’re eating healthy snacks until you have to read each and every label. Did you know that some pickles have additives like sugar and high fructose corn syrup? I was shook.

I’ve broken down some of my go-to snacks that I now eat on the regular. There are some days I just need a little more fuel and these gems have helped me over the hump.

Here’s what I like to eat based on my mood. This is The Moody Kitchen afterall!

Feeling sweet?

I absolutely love this brand of almond butter I found at Thrive Market. It’s creamy, it’s sugar free and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re eating crushed up almonds like some of the other brands do. When I’m feeling the need for something sweet, I typically grab one or two pitted dates and use it as a spoon for this amazing almond butter. I don’t think I can have more than three since they are very rich, but they definitely curve the sweet tooth! Pro tip, get the pitted dates, not the ones with pits in them. Make your life easier. Don’t be a hero.

Another sweet snack are the RX bars. These I use mainly when I’m in a pinch and am on the go. The ingredients are basic and the bars are delicious. There’s a maple flavored one that legitimately tastes like maple syrup and I am HERE FOR IT.

Feeling salty?

Listen, I’m salty most days. No judgement here. I have a weakness for salty foods and chips are at the top of the list. I never thought I’d find anything to help steer me away from those until I founds this brand of plantain chips. Don’t get me wrong, the plantain chips at Trader Joe’s are really good but these… THESE…

Honestly, just try them. They’ll change your life.

Need a little more?

This combination of dried fruit, mixed nuts and beef sticks have saved me on so many ravenous days. Be careful when selecting these items from the store. A lot of dried fruit brands have added sugar so you might as well eat a bag of candy. Mixed nuts are sometimes roasted in canola oil which isn’t the healthy oil of choice. Beef sticks can contain brown sugar so I was super jazzed to find this brand at Walmart and also Costco!

This is my go-to snack when I’m super hungry and need something to hold me over between meals.

Here’s a complete list of these snack brands so you can add to your shopping list!

  1. Organic pitted medjool dates
  2. Barney Butter, bare smooth almond butter
  3. RX bars
  4. Banana organic plantain chips with Himalayan pink salt
  5. CHOMPS beef sticks, regular and jalapeno (my favorite!)
  6. Organic dried mango and pineapple from Thrive Market. These can be found at any natural grocer as well, but not the Thrive brand.
  7. Organic roasted & salted mixed nuts
  8. Organic dried apricots

There it is, my secret to snacking without guilt. I hope this combination of snacks serve you well. Snack on my friends!

❤️ ME

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