Watermelon Sorbet

I posted a reel on my instagram @themoody.kitchen and holy smokes, you all went bonkers over this one. As you should really, it’s a delicious recipe that is stupid easy to make.

I have a habit of buying the world’s largest watermelons during summer time. Why? Because I love watermelon. The problem? I literally do not have big enough containers to store it once I cut it open. Yes, I have heard of gallon ziplock bags and yes they are amazing. But it wasn’t until someone bought me a Ninja Creami for Christmas that I found an alternative use for this extra watermelon.

Folks, when I tell you this ice cream maker is legit I mean L E G I T. It makes sorbet (hooray!), it makes ice cream, it makes smoothies, smoothie bowls, it cleans your counters. Ok it doesn’t clean your counters but I will say my counter is easier to keep clean when making ice cream and this magical machine is involved. My favorite part? There’s a setting for lite ice cream. It’s specifically designed for ice cream that you make with dairy alternatives. Mind. Blown. They really did think of everything.

As I mentioned above, this Ninja Creami was a gift but I happen to know that it could also be found HERE, if you are interested in grabbing one for yourself.


  • Freshly cut watermelon, seedless or seeds removed
  • C2O Coconut Water or coconut water of choice


  • Blender or food processor
  • Ice cream maker
  • Ice cream container

How to prepare:

  1. Cut watermelon in to chunks, the size doesn’t really matter just get it to fit in your blender. I used about 6-7 cups but this made two containers of sorbet
  2. Add a one cup of C20 Coconut Water to the blender and combine –NOTE– if you do not like coconut water you may omit this altogether. Do no replace with normal water, the sorbet will be fine with only the watermelon. I personally love this branch C20 and it doesn’t taste like your average coconut water. But hey, it’s your choice!
  3. Pour sorbet mixture in to the ice cream container. If you purchase or have the Ninja creami, you will have also received a pack of these containers to freeze and store your ice cream creations
  4. Freeze for 24 hours
  5. Place the sorbet container in to the Ninja Creami, making sure to follow the directions provided.
  6. Be sure to select the “sorbet” button as this will determine the speed and force of the blade
  7. Once complete, serve immediately and celebrate your delicious victory!

There you have it! The easiest way to make sorbet and become a hero to your kids, spouse, guests, the neighborhood or yourself which is really all that matters!

Be sure to check out my IG page @themoody.kitchen if you’d like to watch the reel on how this is made. Enjoy!


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